L’Arc~en~Ciel – fans cosplay Hyde

2 11 2008

This time it’ll not a musical fanmade but a visual one! Hyde cosplay himself for Halloween and now here is some Hyde’s Cosplay by fans for fans!


Do you recognize each period of Hyde’s style?

Which is your favorite style?

Try to answer by giving me a video and the year! * Should I participated too? *

Credits to: Pieces & their respective authors




9 responses

3 11 2008

We saw some really impressive cosplayers at the L’7 show in Tokyo. I’ll give you a link with some pictures we managed to get

3 11 2008

Cool! I wanna see that!

3 11 2008


There was a group cosplaying hyde, tetsu, and ken from 15th L’anni that were amazing

3 11 2008

Awesome! Thanks Toomin!

4 11 2008

Wow! Some of them are sooo good!

9 02 2009


1: Pieces PV, 1999
2: IDK (shame on me) maybe… Siesta ~Film of Dreams~, 1994?
3,4: Blurry eyes, 1994
5: Heavenly films, 1996
6: Dive to blue, 1998
7,8,9: 15th L’Anniversary Live, 2007
10: Niji, 1997
11: IDK: SHAME ON ME!! But that’s definitely hyde! X-D
12: A Piece of Reincarnation, 1998
13,14: IDK: SHAME ON ME!! But that’s definitely hyde on those pics! X-D he’s looked like that between REAL and SMILE… I think? SHAME ON MEEEE!! Not even Ken’s outfit hints me T_T (11, 13 and 14 are Hyki, right? )
15,16: AWAKE tour, 2005
17: 15th L’Anniversary Live, 2007
18: Tour Theater of Kiss, 2008
19: Stay Away, 2000
20: Neo Universe, 2000
21: this one comes from a pamphlet from Are you ready 2007 tour
22: AWAKE tour, 2005
23: Hello, 2004?
24: Niji, 1997

Mmm someone knows for sure? I’m a relatively new fan and I want to knooow, please, dear blogger, you know, don’t you?

About what I like best… anything hyde does looks heavenly to my eyes!

23 03 2010

thanks for add my cosplay~ (anniversary and blurry eyes), I know, I’m in late xD sorry and thanks again ^^

(maybe is not important but I’ve really many many cosplay about him)
thanks again and…well *__* I love Hyde in 2007/8 and 1995 x°D

24 02 2011
bleach cosplay


16 04 2011

When will I see my cosplay on a page like this?
never think T-T * leaves crying *

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