Aqua Timez – Velonica Bleach Opening 9

30 10 2008

New song by Aqua Timez featuring Bleach Opening 9!



Poll #6 : Results

30 10 2008

Here is the result about the poll “Do you still buy Cds?“.

Yes (61.6% / 300 votes)

No (38.4% / 187 votes)

YUI – I’ll be PV Making Of

30 10 2008

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Announcement: Aqua Timez added

30 10 2008

One more band added to the main page, Aqua Timez! The unique band between Rock, Hip-Hip and Reggae. Worth listening too!

World of Warcraft: Origine Trailer

30 10 2008

This future creation will present you a transition between both extension: Burning Crusage and Wrath of the lich king. This film will be performed with the participation of Alpha omegA guild on European Suramar Realm.

Release Date: December 4th, 2008.

The movie maker is a French WoW player named Cesar“. This guy do an awesome work! Can’t wait!

Please visit his blog:

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