18 10 2008

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Music Station Program 2008/10/24

18 10 2008

Guests for the next Music Station are revealed ! Read the rest of this entry »

X Japan Paris’ venue finally postponed to 2009?

18 10 2008

A French fan received a mail from the production which said:

X japan show is postponed to 2009.
No specific date is yet scheduled.
Sorry for the problems caused.
Nous productions

Waiting for official announcement…

Otsuka Ai [LOVE IS BORN] ~5th Anniversary 2008~ Concerts

18 10 2008

A little review on Otsuka Ai’s 5th anniversary concerts.

You can read excite music article for more info & pictures:


Ai’s goods are available on yesasia:

http://www.yesasia.com/us/search-collectibles/love-is-born/0-0-0-bpt.48_bt.48_q.love+is+born_ss.109-en/list.html Read the rest of this entry »

BUMP OF CHICKEN – orbital period Official Band score

18 10 2008

Official BUMP OF CHICKEN – orbital period band score is now available!

メンバーが監修した正確な譜面に加え、巻頭カラー32ページにわたり、ライブPHOTOや 機材PHOTOを大掲載。特にメンバーが語る2万字を超える機材解説は必見です。初回版 のみ「オリジナル・ロゴ・ステッカー」付

Band Score:



Chrono Trigger DS – TGS 2008 Trailer

18 10 2008