Otsuka Ai – “Love Letter” New Song!

14 10 2008

Otsuka Ai‘s new song is titled “Love Letter” and will be the theme song of the TV program named “私の1冊 日本の100冊” broadcast on NHK.

The program will start on October 26th, 2008.

BS-hi 10月26日(日)午前10:00~11:59
BS-2  10月26日(日)午後4:00~5:59

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YUI I’ll Be PV Long TV Preview

14 10 2008

Here is a other preview of YUI “I’ll Be” PV, it’s better quality than the last one.


Source: Mezamashi TV

Open Office 3

14 10 2008

Open Office 3 is out for Windows, Linux, Mac!

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Utada 『Eternally -Drama Mix-』 to be release on 10/31

14 10 2008

Utada’s Official website brings more information about 『Eternally -Drama Mix-』 which will be release on Chak-uta/PC on October 31, 2008.


The first episode of Innocent Love will be aired on next Monday by consequent we could listen to the short clip version.

『Eternally -Drama Mix-』がフジテレビ系月9ドラマ「イノセント・ラヴ」主題歌に決定!
10/20~ 着うた(R)・RBT配信予定