VoIP over Wifi available for iPod Touch without Jailbreaking Required!

4 10 2008

fring is now available on the App Store making it easy for anyone to use fring on the original iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod touch.

All you need to do is download fring on the App Store and within minutes you can make free calls with other fringsters™ or via fring using Skype, Skype-out or any SIP providers you choose.

You will have one searchable contact list with all your instant messaging buddies from Skype®, MSN® Messenger, Google Talk™, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo!™ and AIM® so you can easily see whose available and where they can be reached before dialing or starting a live chat session.

In short, you can finally interact with all your favorite internet applications, services and communities from your iPhone.

Now that’s fringing freedom!


Benefit of Fring:

  • Can call directly using iPhone to another person with iPhone running Fring
  • Call MSN or Skype users that are using their computer
  • Call using Skype account, which allows you to have your own Skype number and at a discount rate for international calls
  • Receive phone calls using Skype with your own custom Skype number
  • Basic chat functions with most chat platforms, such as AIM, Yahoo and ICQ

Steve Jobs had said that VoIP calls over Wi-Fi was allowable in the App Store when the iPhone SDK was first released. Fring should also work with the new iPod touch, which supports an external microphone.

How to (U.S)

Here is how to do it:
1) Download Fring from the iTunes App Store.
2) Sync it to your device.
3) Go to voipstunt.com, then click on the download tab. Then click “Download voip stunt.”
4) Wait for it to download and then click on the setup voipstunt desktop icon.
5) Download the program
6) Click on the new Voip Stunt desktop icon, click new user, and fill out all of the required information.
7) Go to the fring app on your device.
8 ) Click add ons
9) Click SIP from the list
10) Now click on the Voip Stunt button
11) Enter the log on info in. (You use the same info you used when you installed Voip Stunt on your computer
12) Log in (If successful, you should have a check mark near the SIP icon.)
13)Hit dialer
14) Now enter a phone number. Be sure if you live in the US, you include 1 and then the area code before the actual #.

**This only works if you have a iPhone or 2G iPod Touch**

Pour les freenautes (France)

Voici mon tuto pour téléphoner avec fring et son iPod Touch.

1) Télécharger “fring” sur Appstore, c’est gratuit.
2) Lancez “fring” et crée votre compte.
3) Un fois le compte crée vous êtes normalement logé automatiquement.
3) Sélectionnez en bas à droite “More” puis “Add-ons”
4) Prenez le service SIP (Tout en bas)
5) Il faut maintenant activé le service SIP dans votre interface de gestion Free dans l’onglet téléphonie. Retenez votre identifiant (qui est en fait votre numéro freebox) créé un mot de passe et cochez validé.
6) Le service activé, rentrez votre identifiant sur votre iTouch, votre mot de passe et le proxy étant: freephonie.net et validé.
7) Il ne vous reste plus qu’a revenir à l’écran principal de fring sélectionné “Dailer” et composez le numéro de votre correspondant.
8 ) Génial non? Et ça c’est gratuit!
9) Seul défaut, il faut avoir le Wifi (On est pas couvert partout)

**Testé sur iPod Touch 32Go 2G + Free**




8 responses

7 01 2009

Is their a way to get wi fi connection without a computer?

7 01 2009

yes, there are wireless router or hotspots

30 01 2009

is there a way to use fring without internet connection like a regular phone?

30 01 2009

absolutely no way…VoIP is based on Internet

4 03 2009

Why SIP is always associated with VOIP. I know VOIP but I’m totally clueless with SIP. I can’t believe I was wasting too much money making international calls when I could actually save a fortune by using VOIP and Skype. Now I’m enjoying unlimited PC to Landline and Mobile calls to 20 countries for only $11.55 per month. How cheap could that be 😉

28 05 2010
robin bichel

i only have cellular button on my dialer now, i ca not make calls i hav epaid voipstunt what else can I do

28 05 2010
robin bichel

when you dowload voipstunt it is the regular download correct

28 02 2011

je sui steven fouquet je vi o togo je cherche des ami dan le monde entier

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