Annoucement: L’Arc~en~Ciel by fans

7 09 2008

During L’Arc’s hiatus, I will keep update my L’Arc~en~Ciel category not with VAMPS or Solo projects but with fanmade. Like that you could have an idea how much L’Arc fans love their music.

Because some of their songs are so touching and others are real masterpieces that people can’t stop to ear them. Some people go even further by learning to play, sing their songs. *I really think that music can change people*

If you’ve something in relation with fanmade (your song cover for example), just send it to me. I’ll post it.

“All” creations are accepted even if it’s not related with L’Arc or music (YUI, AMV, MV, Video games,tutorial, sources code, website, blog, etc…). Of course this creation MUST be made by you.

Everybody has a talent so show it to the world! ^^

I’ll post things that you may have never heard before. So check this new category.

I’ll try to post each Sunday a new fanmade starting right now with NEXUS 4 / SHINE Hyde’s Vocal only just below.




3 responses

8 09 2008

I can send you a video i took of Chris, a mexican friend i made in the queue to Laruku live in Paris, singing Laruku songs because he sounds a lot like Hyde!

This is the link:

And this is his youtube channel, with more covers:

8 09 2008

He’s on this video too:

Well, you can check my channel for more videos anyways haha

8 09 2008


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