Utada Hikaru for Kingdom Hearts 3 Opening Theme?

6 09 2008

It’s not a rumor or something like, this is only my guess after have seen this news.

According to Playstation Magazine:

Kingdom Hearts III is currently in development as a PS3 exclusive and will be announced at TGS.

So it’s remind something about Utada Hikaru, as you know she already sung for the opening theme of Kingdom Hearts I with “Simple and Clean” and Kingdom Hearts II “Passion”.

I come to the point:

Do you think Square-Enix will re-sign with Utada Hikaru for a KH3 Opening Theme?

Hikki for KH3 Opening Theme?

It will be Hikki
It will someone else

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20 responses

6 09 2008

xD The theme song for KH was ‘Hikari’/’Simple and Clean’, not ‘Colors’. :3

6 09 2008

oh yeah.. :S, i correct it right now ^^ I started KH1 but never finished…

7 09 2008

Knowing that her english album is coming out soon…MAYBE…they’re gonna use one of her english songs for the theme for KH3 :D.

if they dont…KH3 wont be the same :[ ahaha

7 09 2008

I think so. Nomura said that in his mind there is no other singer for KH theme song.

8 09 2008

Hikki deserved to sing for KH3!

11 09 2008

That’d give her some more press hopefully, get her into the american market. I think it’ll be a great theme song, assuming she does it.

13 06 2009

She talked about whether or not she was gonna do it once, I don’t remember where. But she wasn’t sure because Disney wasn’t paying her enough to do all the translations and make the melodies match and she wasn’t sure if it was worth it.

28 06 2009

Utada Hikaru is Not Singing For Kingdom Hearts 3. As I Found Out In Japan, She Wasn’t Making Enough Money So She Refuses To Sing For The Third

2 02 2010

No that can’t be true. I won’t believe it.

Disney or Square will eventually come up with an offer she can’t refuse. For all we know, they are trying to conserve their assets until they can come up with a reasonable payment.
How do you know that she won’t sing, period? Please send me a link.

6 10 2009

Money is relative. In several interviews I have heard her say that she attributes her vocals in Kingdom Hearts as a main reason for her popularity in the States because of all us Otaku, making an already ridiculous rich singer even more ridiculously rich. Plus Utada loves games and Disney. She will do Kingdom Hearts 3 I bet.

14 11 2009

If Disney doesn’t pay up, I don’t think they’ll get another singer at all and will just continue using Hikari and/or Passion.

Money is NOT relative — she may be a fan of games and Disney, but she’s a singer first and foremost. You wouldn’t expect Nomura to get paid less to put out Kingdom Hearts III, so I don’t understand why people expect Utada freakin’ Hikaru to do a song without proper compensation.

Disney makes an asston of money per year. They are the ones who can afford to get off their high horse and pay Utada whatever is necessary.

2 02 2010

I agree. Utada needs to get paid well for these type of projects. Disney better pay up or else, the Kingdom Hearts franchise will recieve lower fan claim than what its to be expected.

Heck, Tetsuya Nomura didn’t envision anyone other than Utada Hikaru to sing in the series. She kicks all of the Disney singer’s asses tenfold!!!

The series of Kingdom Hearts has reached a level in which it is too popular for it to have flaws – that includes the theme song. I think it’s safe to say that no one would ever imagine any other singer taking Utada’s place. So Disney… FORK THE MONEY ALREADY, DAMN IT!!!

2 02 2010


The ball is pretty much in Disney and Square-Enix’s court at this point.

2 02 2010

Ok – Im just gonna freaking say it now. Its been more than 7 months since this update on Utada Hikaru’s decision. By now Disney or Square must’ve tried to negotiate with her. Would anybody know anything about this?????

Everybody knows Disney has been in shambles for ages. Look, if all else fails to negotiate with Utada, we still got Square Enix, right? Maybe THEY can come up with the deal. They’re in a better financial position than Disney right now, so they have a pretty good chance in negotiating with Utada.

2 02 2010

I don’t think Disney or Square has made contact with her, she’s currently very busy these last few month with a album released in U.S., her Tour, separation with her boyfriend. And Square was focusing on FFXIII’ released.
But I’ve still hope for her, now known in U.S. and Japan, it’s impossible for Square to choose a other artist !

2 02 2010

Perhaps that may be the reason. Phewww, thanks man I needed to hear some news that would bring me hope. Maybe its just that they’re to busy.

Well, Kingdom Heart 3 won’t be in development for a while, right? (unless there’s something I dont know) So I guess there’s no rush in making this negotiation.
I guess we gotta look at it this way. The profit earned from FFXIII might be used for Utada’s required compensation. Just a theory though.

Yeah u r right, its impossible at this point to change singers in Kingdom Hearts. Heck, I can’t imagine Selena Gomez or Hilary Duff singing it ( COME ON, REALLY?! THATS A LOAD OF B.S.)

2 02 2010

Utada Hikaru is being recognized around the world. I think in the end she would have to sign up for Kingdom Hearts 3 (a part of a super popular game series) which would make her famous for being the only one to recieve the honor of the singing in it. It can only help her rep.
The only thing that seems to stop this from happening is the whole “money” dilemma. If she does this again, they better pay her well.

7 04 2010

In the article, Utada also talked about how much she disliked translating the songs. I think that, along with the money issue, is what is making her second guess about singing for KH3. She says that when she writes those KH songs, they were meant to be in Japanese. To translate what she originally wanted in her Japanese lyrics into English was, to put it bluntly, a pain in the ass. More over, her response sounded like she was not satisfied with the end results of those english translations that she made of Hikari and Passion, although she claims she is very proud of having done them.
Hikki should just write a meaningful song, and one song only, in english for kh3, imo.

12 07 2010

If not translate, then maybe she could write two songs, one specifically meant to be heard in Japanese, and the other in English. But would fans really want that?

24 10 2010

Please Disney, DO SOMETHING!!!!

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