L’Arc~en~Ciel – SHINE : Anti-Theory

2 09 2008

Ok, let’s continue my little analysis about L’Arc~en~Ciel latest release “NEXUS 4 / SHINE”.

My previous post about NEXUS 4 wasn’t so positive but it was my real though about it, whatever.

SHINE is the B-Side of L’Arc 31th single, music written by tetsu. This song is not completely opposite to NEXUS 4 but clearly the logical following (A happy end somehow ^^)

(Watch the PV before reading)

  • Just by the title “SHINE” you can immediately make reference to the sun. It can also mean something “dazzling”, it is just what Hyde said at the 2nd verse “and always like that dazzling sun“.
  • So, the only thing which can represent well this idea is “Truth”.

Some people can’t face the truth, don’t want to accept it, so they have to close their eyes face to this shine, we have the same reflex when we look at the sun or when someone switch on the light of your room at 3a.m to wake you up.

In “SHINE”, the truth is not like the logic or scientific truth, it’s “Heart’s truth”, only your heart can decided this truth not books or any calculations.

The truth behind “SHINE” can be revealed only by people who can open their heart to L’Arc.

  • Let’s talk about the PV now.

As I said previously for NEXUS 4, L’Arc is dying (Musically talking). The logical following is not resurrection but memories.

I’m going to explain it but before I have few questions for you:

Do you remember exactly your last dream? I think not? Can you image Hyde face clearly in your head? I think not too.

  • Here we are! SHINE is in fact your DREAM!

It’s a little confusing at the beginning with all these colors and forms which seems to be totally out of control till you see Hyde’s face but it’s still confuse, you can’t see him clearly.

Then you remember there was 4 people starting with a singer but you can see only his shadow, there was a drummer, a guitarist and a bassist too but who’s these guys???

You memories is cloudy however you tried hardly to imagine their faces to find out who they are. This confusion is well represented by all these awesome graphical effects! (It’s too beautiful to be real)

More we go further more we remember about a rock band composed with 4 members.

A girl appear suddenly walking in the woods without directions, who’s that girl? the explanation is simple, it’s simply YOU!

You are entered in your dream and you’re looking for something or somebody but you’re completely lose.

Noticed Hyde’s closing eyes at ~2:20m it’s a sign for the following.

You even got hallucination, you see tetsu and ken somewhere in the woods, Hyde makes you a sign to come.

As you can’t see them clearly you close your eyes to focus and you begin to realize/recognize them one by one (just after Ken’s solo, it’s likes you are seeing in your eyes, it’s hard to explain, look carefully it really looks like an eye black point in the center circling by white).

Hyde make you again a sign to come so you follow his path.

You saw again Hyde’s face closing his eyes, it’s seems like he remember something peaceful.

Finally you remember! This feelings is so powerful and pleasant it’s called “Passion”.

That is something you will build slowly
in the secret of your heart

This verse of the lyrics illustrate well the feelings of L’Arc’s fans.

The butterfly you could see at the beginning and now here, is in fact L’Arc themselves! All along the PV Hyde and other members are transforming themselves in this butterfly before touching the girl.

Each members is a color and putting all together it’s makes the color “White” which represent the “light”.

Hyde put off the veil and reveal the four, L’Arc~en~Ciel !!

The End. *hey wake up, stop dreaming*

The song end with these lyrics:

In any moment of life,
Like the sun I wish I will always be able to watch over you

I want to shine on you.
and always like that dazzling sun.
I will defend you from all the darkness.
this is the truth from my heart.

It can means that L’Arc will never die, they will be in our heart and memories for ever! All you have to do is close your eyes and you’ll remember because they are in your heart.

Don’t hate them because they will stop one day, just accept the truth:

I wish our hearts would be connected so that you will trust me
But it can’t be helped, up till you’ll wake…you can even hate me

You have noticed that the PV has a lot of colors, it a well representation of L’Arc~en~Ciel which means “Rainbow” in French.

To conclude these both review, my last phrase is:

“After the storm there is always a sun who will shine creating a beautiful ark of colors which could warm your heart.”

The real music is the one which touch the bottom of  your heart!




3 responses

7 09 2008

“After the storm there is always a sun who will shine creating a beautiful ark of colors which could warm your heart.”

That’s what Hyde said when they came back after Sakura’s incident.

18 09 2008

They are after all taking a 3 year vacation to pursuit solo careers again maybe that’s what they mean by do not hate us. They already announced a huge concert for their 20th anniversary (Maybe like Glay’s last US tour)

22 09 2008

As heartbreaking as it is…I don’t blame them for wanting to be done. Hyde has a family and I’m sure he wants to be there for his child and wife… and live the rest of his life.

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