L’Arc~en~Ciel – NEXUS 4: Theory

30 08 2008

This is my theory on L’Arc~en~Ciel NEXUS 4 PV, nothing true or objective.

A lot of people think that “NEXUS 4 PV” looks fake, it was also my 1st impression before I’ve seen the cut-scenes. Under certain angles it’s still looks very fake..

Others say there was an actual news report about their suicidal shoot…

Collective Suicide Theory:

(Watch the PV before reading)

  • As you can read in my previous postNEXUS 4” means: connection or the center of something.

4” must refer to our 4 members that why I say “Collective” Suicide.

Collective suicide is not rare in Japan there is even Collective Suicide Clubs! *no joke*

For me this PV looks like they want to kill themselves…

  • When I watch the PV for the 1st time I was expecting tetsu to throw himself off the building O_O, but at the end he didn’t…He’s acting very dangerously! My guess is: He’s the leader he had to jump first.
  • An other argument: The PV looks very apocalyptic! You don’t think so?

The sunset represent for me something which going to end very soon…

After that the sky turn to stormy :/ like if nothing going well and they have to clear their ideas…or the ultimate solution is to end with all by killing themselves.

I have some ideas why this PV looks like a suicidal shooting:

Again, L’Arc is an awesome band everyone know it, there are now one of the biggest band of the world.

It’s well represent in the PV by the fact that they are on the top of a skyscraper. They now reach the top after more 15 years of career but the members are getting old even if they looks young ^^ The reality couldn’t be hide longer…(For 4 guys over 40 years old they still have good looking !)

  • L’Arc needs rest: I found NEXUS PV boring, why these cut-scenes?! because it would be even more boring without! I don’t found that valuable for the PV. No more inspiration ?  I guess so.

At NEXUS’ end I found Yukihiro exhausted not because of the drums but most because the fact to be the number one is exhausting… looks like he needs a break..

Always at the end of NEXUS and especially the LAST cut-scene, showing L’Arc packed-up their instruments and leaving means well that L’Arc is leaving the stage.

The camera rotate from Yuki’s drums to film the city which can means that a page is turned.

No!! L’Arc is not over! I didn’t say that!

NEXUS 4 don’t mean inevitably the end of L’Arc but more like the next to last page.

I think tetsu knows well that L’Arc can’t be at 100% forever. Continuing at this rhythm without really be able the keep the cadence it will be a suicide to keep going like this.

Security cables can be interprated like chains of their disc compagny which wouldn’t let them go away, I don’t think so but it could.

Being on the top is not easy on contrary it’s a delicate position, look at this part of NEXUS 4 translated lyrics:

make 1 mistake and you are dismissed

Why they didn’t jumped off? the answer is L’Arc is not only a band there are True friends, they will not jump alone it’s everyone or no one this is like Japanese “Bûdo” (Samurai’s way). Even if someone wants to jump (Hyde) *sumimasen* others wouldn’t let him leave, referring to “Connection” word from NEXUS etymology.

“Center of something” could mean Hyde (again?! *sumimasen*) so big popularity in comparison of others members or it could mean that the leader is the center the one who can keep this “Connection” between the four and maintain L’Arc~en~Ciel alive.

tetsu wouldn’t give up so easily:

We are still believing and so we run, for surely we are still in time
Leap up the speed, we will never run away
” Lyrics wrote by Hyde.

Even if Hyde is now working on his solo project he won’t give up L’Arc~en~Ciel! he will never run away!

Hyde = L’Arc~en~Ciel Vocalist

For me, tetsu wants say to the next generation (it must be us) to keep listening L’Arc~en~Ciel but we have to know that it would not continue like this forever, we’ve to listen/move to the next generation of artist. All good things has an End.

In NEXUS Hyde said twice “NEXT AGE” which must means the end of something and the beginning of something else.

Also “VIRTUAL GENERATION” must refer to us. Indeed we use more and more virtual worlds (myspace, chat, forum, video games…)

Now you know I’m not fan of NEXUS 4 PV, it’s clear. By the way a like the song. *a little should i say*

Finally, NEXUS 4 represent for me a slow end…BUT *To continue*




10 responses

30 08 2008

Thank you! It’s very interesting. I hadn’t seen lyrics for now, but I hated this PV soon after first watch. 😦

30 08 2008

Wow, thanks for breaking it down. I would have never thought about it this way, it makes a lot of sense. I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan of the song or the PV.

I, too, myself, fear L’Arc~en~Ciel will be coming to an end, it’s inevitable. I look up to these guys so much. My #1 favorite band. It’s such a great way to tell us even though they might come to an end, there will always be other great bands out there to listen to but L’Arc~en~Ciel will never be replaced!

Now I gotta see their next live or else I can’t go on with my life!

31 08 2008

Larc en Ciel never Die !!! they will be in my heart !

1 09 2008

Well in my opinion, I thought this song really rocked ^^ I never thought about the ‘suicide attempt’ thing @____@ I thought it was scary though! LOL but I just discovered this band around 4-5 years ago and I’m sad that this band will never make music again together in the next 5-10 years or so. ;^; They’re all very young for 40 years! However, I really love all of their music ^_^ and they will always be my number one band since they’re so inspiring. Hyde is a great vocalist and he will always be my favorite dork JRock singer ever xD I hope he also does well with VAMPS too =3 but thank you for the article and making me realize (sniffle) that all good things must come to an end one day ;_; I will cry (along with my friend xDDD) when the time comes for L’Arc~en~Ciel to say good-bye lol

2 09 2008

Stop using drugs before you make a post haha!!!


4 09 2008

are you all insane?
stop talking like this is REALLY the end of l’arc when its NOT.
who cares if theyre almost all in their 40s?
they could go on for another 10 years as a band if they wanted to.
age isnt an issue at all.
i dont understand you people at all.
and what the hell is up with that “suicidal” crap.
that is about the most bizarre thing ive ever heard.
yes good things come to and end. but what the hell makes you people so sure theyre gonna split up in the next 5 years?
if you love them so much why would you people even say things like that.
its just messed up. and weird.

6 09 2008
jurig atah

What makes you think that this video is telling about suicide?
you should clear your head…

This video is just looks like “finale” and “new world”, and how about “dive to blue”? do you guys also though that they would suicide when you guys watching the video?

Fool Crap…

3 10 2008

just feeling sad…..

24 04 2009

Oh, I like the song and the PV. Even though people may think it’s fake, I think it’s sort of like their other ones…(Dive To Blue, for example.) I think this one was fun for all of them to shoot, because of the setting….Then again, I’m a big fan of Laruku, so I like them a lot…..

20 02 2010

Whoah. That’s a very different, I mean EXTREMELY different way of interpreting the song, and the PV. I thought the shoot was great, as like all of their other PVs. I enjoyed it, and Hyde’s movements were adorable. ❤

Because everyone have their own way of interpreting things, I will leave you with your own theory.

In the end, it is true that nothing is forever; because that is correct but I also think it is equally right that we don't exactly know what is gonna happen with and/or to L'arc~En~Ciel so as fans we might as well cheer them on as long as they still want to own the stage and entertain us – if they're gonna *end* then, Hell, I'm sure they'll make sure to bade their fans a fantastic goodbye.

Besides, we're not them. They are not us. We cannot know for sure if they're gonna split up in five years or in another two months' time.

Whatever it is, this band is awesome. Love them loads.

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