L’Arc~en~Ciel – SHINE (PV)

12 08 2008

Finally L’Arc~en~Ciel SHINE PV is out! Simply wonderful !

Double A Side Single! 「NEXUS 4」は”SUBARU レガシィ”TV-CFイメージソングに、「SHINE」はNHK『精霊の守り人』オープニングテーマにそれぞれ決定!!

New single release from L’Arc-en-ciel featuring two A-side quality tracks. Track one “Nexus 4″ appears in the commercial for the Subaru Legacy, while track two “Shine” is the intro theme for anime series “Seirei no Moribito.”

(L’Arc~en~Ciel NEXUS4 / SHINE Single)

Catalog No.: KSCL-1277
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Release Date: 2008/08/27
Price: 971yen (1020yen Tax incl.)
[US$ 8.89]
Item weight: 120 g



Official Website





3 responses

12 08 2008

awesome! now waiting for NEXUS4 coming next week !

14 08 2008

I love the song!

14 08 2008

Wow, the PV is more beautiful than the song! Incredible effects, really well done, gives me the same chills as the MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM PV

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