X JAPAN will resume World Tour: Palais Omnispots de Paris Bercy on Nov. 22nd, 2008

10 07 2008

X JAPAN decided to hold concert in Palais Omnispots de Paris Bercy on Nov.22!! Finally their World Tour begin!!The reunited rock band X Japan announced on Wednesday that it has rescheduled its Paris concert, which was originally set for July 5 before Yoshiki’s health forced the group to suspend their plans. The new date is November 22, and the show will be held at the Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy.

The Paris concert will be the start of their “world tour,” with the New York and Taiwan concerts expected to take place after that. An additional show is also being planned for Korea.

X JAPAN 11・22パリ公演
リーダーYOSHIKIの持病の悪化で世界ツアーを延期していたX JAPANが、
YOSHIKIはアジア、米国、その他欧州公演について相当な覚悟で臨む決意を見せて おり、





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10 07 2008

Mood = Excited xD

10 07 2008

A rumor has surfaced on the internet that X Japan is attempting to schedule tour dates in the US, specifically at least in New York City and in Los Angeles. Another rumor is that Miyavi will be the lead guitarist for the tour and the sixth permanent member of the band.

10 07 2008

They can’t replace Hide. It’s just not right I don’t believe that rumour and I doubt it would be with Miyavi because he’s busy with all his solo work if anyone my money would be on it being Sugizo but still after everything that has been said I don’t think they will ever have another permanent guitarist.

10 07 2008

In response to your post Dlyan, where are these rumours? I suppose X Japan is trying to negotiate venues and dates for a North American visit(s) since they originally had New York planned after Paris; it would only be fair. With regards to the Miyavi thing, that has been floating around since the official reunion in October of 2007. In my personal opinion, Miyavi does not fit the style of X Japan whatsoever . He might be suitable for a guest guitarist like they did with Richard Fortus and Wes Borland during the March concerts, but not a permanent member. I think X should give more than just Tokyo a chance to experience JUST X JAPAN and not have any outsiders in. That’s just how I feel right now.

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