2 07 2008

After taking her previous single Namidairo to Oricon’s no. 3 spot in February, singer-songwriter Yui returns with her Summer Song. It arrives as a refreshing uptempo number, once again featuring Yui’s trademark acoustic sound. Two more songs, namely, Oh My God and the acoustic version of Laugh Away, are also on Yui’s highly anticipated Summer Song


#01 at Oricon Top Single Charts


2. Oh My God
3. Laugh away ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4. SUMMER SONG ~Instrumental~

Catalog No.: SRCL-6819
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Release Date: 2008/07/02
Price: 1165yen (1223yen Tax incl.)
[US$ 10.74]
Item weight: 120 g

First Press Limited Edition comes with an original summer calendar and postcard.

(YUI – SUMMMER SONG Single Regular Edition)



(YUI – SUMMMER SONG Single Limited Edition)



Official Website


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4 07 2008

1. YUI’s interview at Auone
Source: http://music.auone.jp/ja/sv/au/MC_FeaturePC/1189365510283/

Credits to vivi and uchihamel for translations

─ この曲ができたのはいつごろですか?
– When did you complete this song?

YUI: About 3 years ago. From the start, I tried to compose something with “Summer” in mind. I thought it would be nice to be able to bring out the refreshing feel and briskness of summer, and then came up with this.

─ この曲は「Laugh Away」の続編ということですが、この曲に込められた思いというのは?
– This song is said to be the continuation of Laugh away. What are the thoughts which have been included in this song?

YUI: 日々の生活の中でヘコんでしまうことは当然あると思うけど、誰かの笑顔や一言で、そんなことは「簡単に」吹き飛んじゃうこともあるんだということを、あらためて思ったんです。そんな思いが伝わればいいなと思っています。
YUI: I think it’s definite that in our daily lives there will be times when we are down, but then I thought there are also times whereby a smile or just a simple word from someone can ‘easily’ make all the unhappiness disappear totally. I wanted to bring this across in this song.

─ ずばり、夏は好きですか。
– Honestly, do you like summer?

YUI: Of course. I love it a lot.

─ 何か思い出などは?
– Do you have any memories about it?

YUI: 具体的な出来事というよりは、海のことをよく思い出します。小さなころに育った場所の近くに海があったんです。その海のことはよく頭に浮かびますね。
YUI: Rather than a detailed experience, I think of the sea very often. The place where I was brought up was near the sea. That sea often surfaces in my thoughts.

─ 歌詞に「はじまるよ 夏休み」というフレーズがあるのですが、もしいま夏休みが取れるとしたら何をしたいですか。
– In the lyrics, there was a line ‘hajimaru yo natsu yasumi’ (the summer holidays are beginning). What would you do if you could take summer leave?

YUI: 車の運転免許を取りたいかも。長い休みがないととれないから。
YUI: I might go obtain a driving license. Because it’s impossible to obtain a license without a long period of break.

─ この曲はどんな人たちに聴いてもらいたいですか。
– Who would you like this song to be heard by?

YUI: 夏をきっかけに何か想いをぶつけようとしている人たちに聴いてもらいたいですね。
YUI: I would like people who wanted to make a memorable summer to listen to this song.

─ カップリング「Oh MY God」は一転してすれ違いの曲ですが。
– The coupling Oh My God is a song which changes the mood and is about brief encounters…

YUI: これまでいろいろ経験してきて、人生なんて曖昧だなって思ったんです。それで日常のなかに誰でもすれ違いとかそういうことがあって。でもやっぱり人生にはすごく期待しているところもあるから、こういうある意味前向きな歌詞になったんです。
YUI: After experiencing many things till this point of time, I thought life was rather ambiguous. Then, in daily life, there are times when people just brush past each other. Despite so, there are still things which I look forward to in life, hence the lyrics are written to be optimistic.

─ 3曲目には「Laugh Away」のアコースティックバージョンが収録されていますが。
– And for the 3rd track we have the acoustic version of Laugh away…

YUI: 毎回シングルの最後に恒例になっているアコースティックアレンジですけど、こうやって振り返るとやっぱりアコースティックはわたしの原点だなって思います。今回はエレキだったイントロをアコースティックのオクターブを重ねて、原曲からさらに春らしさが出せたかと思います。
YUI: In every single it has become a routine to create an acoustic version. And by looking back like this, I will recall that acoustic is my starting point. The intro which was an electric guitar part has been layered onto an acoustic octave, which I think helps to bring out more of the spring feel from the original version.

─ YUIさんの曲はとにかくメロディが印象的なのですが、そういうのはどういったときに思いつくものなのでしょうか。
– YUI-san’s songs are notable for their impressionable melody. In what kind of environment do you come up with the melodies?

YUI: いろいろなところとしか言えないですね(笑)。スタジオのなかだったり、ベッドに寝転んでるときだったり、仕事先のホテルだったり……。本当にいろいろなところでふと思いつくので、限定できませんね(笑)。
YUI: I can only say in many places. (lol) It could be in the studio, while lying on my bed, in the hotel while on a job stint…… There’s really a lot of places whereby an inspiration just strikes me, so it’s not limited to any particular place.

─ ケータイで音楽を聴くことはありますか?
– Do you often listen to music on your cell phone?

YUI: もちろんありますよ。「着うた」は楽しんでます。
YUI: Of course. I enjoy ringtones.

─ 最後にファンのみなさまにメッセージをお願いいたします。
– And to finish off, a message for your fans please.

YUI: 夏が来ます! 夏フェスも出ます。いっしょに楽しみましょう!
YUI: Summer is coming! I will be performing in summer fests. Let’s all enjoy it together!

14 08 2008

WEEK #1 – 83,440, #1
WEEK #2 – 14,164, #12
WEEK #3 – 7,287, #16
WEEK #4 – 3,934, #28

TOTAL SALES: 108,825

11 09 2008
10 11 2008


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