Poll #4 : Results

5 06 2008

Here is the result about the poll “What are you listening the most ?”.

I started this poll on May and you were 660 to participate on the poll:

Here is the result (till June 5th).

JRock (X, L’Arc, AKFG, …) (38.6% / 255 votes)

JPop (YUI, Otsuka Ai, Utada,…) (31.4% / 207 votes)

Visual Kei (miyavi, the Gazette,…) (12.3% / 81 votes)

Johnny’s (Arashi, Kat-tun, …) (7% / 46 votes)

Anisong (Anime OP/ED) (3.8% / 25 votes)

OST(Games, Movies,…) (4.2% / 28 votes)

None of them (2.7% / 18 votes)

You can also see my previous poll “Are you a regular visitor”.

We are in June and I’ve putted a new poll so please vote!




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