21 05 2008

Rock band ELLEGARDEN has announced that they are suspending activities indefinitely. They began working on a new album last year, but the members have come to disagree about the motivation behind it. Finding it difficult to proceed, the band has decided to shelve the album and put their other activities on hold.

The group will still go ahead with their announced concerts (and some unannounced events) up through early September.

Ellegarden have posted the following message on their English website:

“ELLEGARDEN has been in the process of creating a new album since last year, however, during the band’s activities, there arose a difference in opinion regarding the motivation for creating a new album.
We no longer feel we are able to create an album that […]

According to Takeshi’s new journal entry:

-“Yeah, we know everyone’s going to be shocked by this, but the truth is this has been an ongoing discussion for a quite a long time.”

-“I’m not going to write a lot about the whole situation here but the next issue of [Rockin’ On In] Japan Magazine will have an interview with all of the details.”

-“I made a promise to all of you that the four of us would keep making fun music, and just in case we lasted longer than we should, or not long enough, I don’t want to say “thank you” or “we’re sorry” because if this ends up to be just a detour I don’t want to reject everyone.”

-“There are no bad feelings or resentment, and I’m not glossing over anything – the four of us are as usual on good terms.”

They are going on hiatus later this year. Before they do, they will release a best album titled “ELLEGARDEN BEST” on July 2, featuring 21 songs from throughout their decade-long career.


On July 2nd ELLEGARDEN will release a 21 song BEST ALBUM.

“ELLEGARDEN BEST (1999 – 2008)”

01. My Favorite Song”
02. Kaze no hi
03. Middle Of Nowhere
04. (Can’t Remember) How We Used To Be
05. Jitterbug
06. Kinsei
07. So Sad
08. Supernova
09. Starfish
10. Make A Wish
11. Pizza Man
12. Red Hot
13. Niji
14. Marry Me
15. Missing
16. The Autumn Song
17. Fire Cracker
18. Space Sonic
19. Salamander
20. Mr. Feather
21. Koukasen

Release Date : 2008.07.02 (Wed)
Product Number : ZEDY-2021
Price : 2,520yen (Tax Incl.)

(ELLEGARDEN Best 1999-2008 Album Regular Edition)


Ellegarden announced a new festival appearance – Pentaport Rock Festival 2008 in Incheon, South Korea.

Official Website


Please support your favorite singer(s) and me in the same time by purchasing their Cds. Thanks!






7 responses

26 05 2008

may i know where is the source that you get those information? :`~

26 05 2008

it’s on their official website, Check their English website and read Shinichi’s post dated of 02.05.2008

26 05 2008

sorry, i mean the Takeshi’s new journal entry

26 05 2008

it was on Ellegarden Japenese website in “Diary” section but it’s already removed now…

4 07 2008

They’re not disbanding, they’re going on a temporary hiatus. Hosomi has repeatedly stated in interviews (including the Rockin’ on Japan interview you quoted him mentioning) that they are NOT disbanding, and will be back to writing and performing after they take a short break and get things together again. You should change the title of this to “Ellegarden Hiatus,” you’ve apparently caused a few people to believe that they’re actually breaking up.

14 09 2008

Gosh, I really thought they disbanded because my friend told me they did. It was so shocking. I’ve been a fan for almost 4 years, and I have all their songs in my computer… aaackk.. so sad.. =(

I hope they get back on track sooner or later.

6 08 2010
tim tedmanson

they are over now; forever go to the site, the story has changed now. they are over.

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