Hikki and YUI are Macbook users

30 04 2008

Do as Hikki and YUI switch to Mac!

My favorite female singers, YUI and Utada Hikaru, are both using a Mac!

In her last PV we see Utada writing her song using a Mac. It’s certainly a “Macbook Pro” and the “Apple Cinema Display“.

Here is her keyboard “Roland ED PC-300 USB MIDI Controller“:

For YUI, she received a “Macbook Air” for her 21th anniversary as a present!

She said it looked like “Shiroi koibit“.

H’z #158 YUI Interview

Tanjoubi puresento, Yui talking about her birthday presents.

1. Recent activities
2. Album information
3. Welch
4. 3rd Tour
5. Summer Fes
6. Birthday presents – Martin-ish cake, Mac Book Air
7. Her most nervous moment – Can’t really pick one, too many of it, maybe during the opening of Budoukan.
8. Private life – Have a walk, watch Sakura
9. My boom – Green tea flavoured incense.



Now they’ll not lose their songs by a blue screen of the death ^^

Looking for their headphones?





5 responses

20 05 2008

The notebook in Hikki’s Prisoner of Love PV is actually a 15-inch G4 Powerbook not a 15-inch Macbook Pro. If you look carefully at the full PV, there is a shot of the right side of the computer (32 seconds into the video). The right edge of the screen shows a short gray plastic trim piece that does not run the entire length of the screen and was used on the G4 Powerbooks but not on the Macbook Pros. Also, the shot shows a S-video out port between the DVI and Ethernet ports. On a Macbook Pro, the DVI and Ethernet ports are next to each other with no S-video port.

20 05 2008

Yeah…in fact I thought that too but I wasn’t sure. In all case it’s a Pro Model. I have almost the same but mine is a Powerbook 17-inch.
Anyway thanks for your accurate analyzed!

Could you try to find her headphone’s model?

24 05 2008

There are two different Sony headphones used and an pair of earbuds. I can’t tell which model Sony headphones are being used with the Roland keyboard. The headphones being used with the MacPro/audio rig is a set of Sony MDR-CD900ST Studio Monitor Headphones. They’re professional model headphones designed for studio work. I don’t recognize what kind of earbuds they are.

24 05 2008

Okay. The other Sony headphones are Sony MDR-7506 Professional Headphones.

24 05 2008

Thanks! I’ve updated my headphone’s post.

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