YUI – I remember you PV Filming Place

28 04 2008

Quick review about my favorite PV of YUI.

But what’s the point of this?

I’ve found where the PV was filmed on Google Earth ^^

It’s located in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

I pinned the exact building.

Is it match?

If you want to see by yourself go on Google Earth with these coordinates:

Latitude: 35°18’23.89″N

Longitude: 139°30’38.32″E

Or click directly on Google maps‘s link:


Another cool story if you missed it:




3 responses

28 04 2008

you are way cool.tht’s the reason why i alws visit your blog =) keep it up.
btw, I remember you is also one of my top favourites. The song is way cool, sentimental and it melts all YUI fans’ hearts. =)

23 04 2009

So, this must also be where they filmed Taiyo no Uta, ne?

23 04 2009

I suppose

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