Haitsu: The End?

24 04 2008

Is it a treason from Hyde’s part to be the main singer of another band (VAMPS)?


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Is it really serious to be in 2 band?

Hyde with L’Arc~en~Ciel:

He was recruited by Tetsu in 1991 to be the vocalist of L’Arc~en~Ciel.

Guitar: Ken
Drums: Yukihiro (ex.ZI:KILL)
Bass: Tetsu

Hyde with VAMPS:

Working together since 2003, HYDE and K.A.Z just announced the formation of their band VAMPS.

Guitar: Kaz Iwaike (Oblivion Dust)
Drums: Furuton (ex.Oblivion Dust, ex.Nil)
Bass: Hiroki (ex.media youth, KILLERS)
Keyboard: JIN

We just talk about the Friendship relation between Tetsu and Hyde. (Don’t think other things!)

Both are “married” :p

Hyde meets Megumi

Refer to this post for Tetsu:


Is it over with Tetsu?

Topic: The Collapse of Japan’s Biggest Band — The Story of L’Arc~en~Ciel

Lenks@J-revolution said:

“Really, though, it’s all the member’s faults as of right now. In interviews, Tetsu always seem kind of, annoyed almost. He’s the leader of the band, so he should make the decisions, not hyde. He needs to take the initiative or else the band will crumble apart. Not just him, either. Ken and Yukihiro are still part of the band, so they can tell hyde, “Hey, stop being an ass and choose.”

Light@J-revolution said:

“the real rift is between Hyde and Tetsu. Because Tetsu no longer has the support. And you can tell this if you read any interviews around the Awake times. Tetsu basically only stopped short of disowning it completely. He said everything BUT.
Solo Hyde gave him the ego boost he needed to decide that L’Arc wasn’t “rock” enough. And srsly, if you’ve been paying attention pretty much ever since they formed, he’s been complaining about that forEVER.

Furthermore, you can tell this in their compositions. They don’t have the same cohesiveness. Whatever else L’arc has been, they have always (with a few exceptions) composed very tightly. Especially Tetsu. Who has always preferred quality over quantity. He is arguably a better composer even than Ken, but he doesn’t do the quantity of work. The fact that he’s tacking his name onto things like Trust, says all is not well.”

K.A.Z’s Era

Tetsu’s Era

Haitsu’s Videos

NOTE: “Haitsu” is for Hyde x Tetsu.

L’Arc~en~Ciel disband?

Are they gonna disband? Well, even if they do, I think they will always shine above me. What I like them for is their music and everything that has made up L’Arc~en~Ciel, and these things will not go away even if they disband. I can still always listen to their music and remember them, therefore, I’m not even concerned of their disband at all.




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26 04 2008

yeah, it was a shock for me, big one. Those VAMPS thing.
i was like “the hell haido what he’s thinking??” the chibi smurf never get enough with larc.
But when i think again, i can understand his decision. If u want to go solo hyde, then go, spread your wings, do your hardcore. Do as u please.
Just one thing.. Don’t leave Larc…

2 07 2008

hyde’s solo thang never impressed me much. i didn’t like FAITH until after i saw most of the songs performed live – i feel the same thing might happen after i heard LOVE ADDICT.
hyde’s solo seems to go towards much heavier rock ignoring the melodic sound Laruku usually has – and which i am much more a fan of.

2 01 2009

are u guys hyde..

5 02 2009

Honestly I don’t like any of them solo. But if they need to do it to spread their wings then fine. As long as they come back together after these solos it’s fine. I however don’t much like the 3 year hiatus =/

24 08 2009


it’s not TRUE!!!! it’s not TRUE!!!! T_T please~~

i love HAITSU forever!!!

12 12 2009
Kaoru D' LeCiel

kopaciel fully support! HAITSU FOREVER!
And if I think that with tetsu hyde KAZ betrayed for what I see and I can only say that it is a cheap copy of my beloved Tetsu. Also, if left to Hyde L’Arc by Vamps believe that true fans would not want more Laruku Hyde, so I say true fans of L’Arc not HYDE!
still have been reunited for their new single! : D

L’Arc forever!!!

itsumademo!!! HAITSU!!!!!

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