YUI don’t care about Hikki ?!

18 04 2008

YUI and Utada Hikaru were guests on Music Station Special 3hours ( 04/04/2008 ). Both was there to defend their respective album “I LOVED YESTERDAY” for YUI and “HEART STATION” for Hikki but…there is a heck!

A Hong-Kong newspaper has reported that YUI literally “slept” during Hikki’s talk

It said that YUI’s attitude was disrespectful toward Hikki.

Any rivalry between them??

They are both the most influent female artists in Japan.

YUI and Hikki was in cover of ROCKIN’ ONJAPAN April and May 2008 issue.

Their respective album ranked 1st on release date (Oricon Charts), reaching the 300.000 copy sold in one week.

HEART STATION 1st week sales: ~480.000 units.

I LOVED YESTERDAY 1st week sales: ~285.000 units.

Make your choice!

The newspaper remind YUI’s cold attitude on TV shows, replying mechanically to answers and sitting far away from others artists…

YUI is generally nice with others…

So why she had this attitude?!

There is a explanation!

The explanation is simple YUI wasn’t asleep! She just looked the monitor in front of her!

For YUI’s attitude toward others, it’s more a shy attitude than disrespect.

End of the story.

Moral: Don’t believe all you read!




19 responses

18 04 2008

Silly newspapers showing fanboy attitude. That sort of crap shouldn’t even make the newspapers. Always taking things out of context or mis-portraying things to make a gossipy article.
I agree with you Dylan, never jump to conclusions and make invalid assumptions.

(Btw i love both artists equally :D)

18 04 2008

o_o;; I love both of them. D: This is why I don’t read magazines: they’re desperate to make money so they try and make nothings into “juicy” somethings. =__=

18 04 2008

How dare YUI Sleep during my Lovely Utada’s interview!!!

ARGH!!! Roast her butt cheeks so that she may never fiddle the stings of a banjoo kazooie again!!!!!!

18 04 2008

lol how did u find out the answer?
aka how did u spot the monitor on the floor?
good job

19 04 2008

For those who always watch MS, didn’t you guys notice some of the artists always look down (on the little monitor)? definitely not the one who wrote the newspaper article. Unforgivable for befouling Yui’s name! How on earth can someone fall asleep when they’re on a live show??

24 05 2008


24 05 2008

@memyselfandi:how dare u say bad things about our dear YUI…can’t u see…she’s not sleeping!!!!…gahhhh…..open ur eyes man so that u can see the truth…ugh!!….i’m so pissed by ur comment!!!!

29 05 2008

yeah… right.. how could the magazine ‘decorate’ their page in such a way so that the readers couldnt notice the little monitor and make them believe that YUI dis-respect Utada…while actually YUI is LISTENING n WATCHING her by the monitor…
*take a look at Jun matsumoto*
did the magazine also spread bad news about him, he also pose a sleepin-pose hehehe..

1 07 2008

I have copy your post into my blog
but don’t worry, I still make link to your blog as source.


2 07 2008

no prob

2 07 2008
kristalyn hazel

who is yui anyway?!..
I will not even know her if i didn’t read this whole article…

so what if she’s disrespectfult during Hikki’s talk…she’s not that known internationally, unlike Utada Hikaru!..

*peace to YUI’s fans*

16 07 2008

LOL, ROFL… There is noway YUI could fall asleep during the show. or could I say there is noway any artist could fall asleep during a big show =))

17 07 2008

I agree to the comment above. No one is that impolite anyway.

8 08 2008

I’m a huge fan of Utada Hikaru. Anyone who likes her, please join the fansite I made of her in myspace.com/utadahikarusama

As for Yui, I think she needs to change her pitch of voice when she sings.

12 08 2008

i love them both! i love hikki’s voice and adlibs while i like yui bcoz of her voice and……………………………….. of course! her face!!!!!!!!!!!

16 10 2008

go to the hell lina…. you have no right to comment yui like that.she has good voice and never out of tune.you know nothing

25 10 2008

hahaha! Well we cant really tell for sure if she was sleeping or not base on the picture alone. If it was a video then it would have been easier to spot if she really was sleeping. But if indeed she was sleeping, then IMO its not really disrespecful on her part. I actually think its kinda cute. : ) I mean c’mon, maybe hikki was talking about something really boring or something. hehe. Or to compliment hikki, maybe YUI was to excited in meeting utada that she wasnt able to sleep the night before the interview. : )

11 01 2009

If YUI was not well known, hong kong magazine wont even bother to make a news out of YUI. And if YUI look like sleeping well look at the right top hand corner of that guy he look like sleeping to me but no1 is even talking about him. When a person is famous people will try their best to spoil their image. to those who get fool by those magazine reports pls wake up.

30 01 2009

LOL, funny story! but it was hard to believe that my sweet yui was sleeping!! she’s not like that 😡 she’s adorable! 🙂 and even if she was sleeping, why is it soooooo rude?? -.-‘

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