L’Arc~en~Ciel – Drink It Down Single

4 04 2008

L’Arc-en-Ciel can look back on a string of hit singles like New World, Killing Me, and Ready Steady Go, as well as their more recent My Heart Draws a Dream and Daybreak’s Bell. Now the band returns with their first single of 2008, Drink it Down, which is also the image song for the Capcom game Devil May Cry 4. Fans should also prick up their ears for the band’s 2008 Punk-en-Ciel work Dune. Both songs on the single are penned by vocalist Hyde.



#01 at Oricon Top Single Charts

Tracklist :
01 Drink It Down
02 Dune 2008
03 Drink It Down (Hydeless Version)
04 Dune 2008 (TETSU PUNKless Version)

Catalog No.: KSCL-1259
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Release Date: 2008/04/02
Price: 971yen (1020yen Tax incl.)
[EUR 6.13]
Item weight: 120 g

(L’Arc~en~Ciel – Drink It Down Single Regular Edition)



Official Website


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4 04 2008


New Single “Drink it down” theme of Devil May Cry 4

Oricon: yukihiro, you were the one that wrote “Drink it down.”

yukihiro: Well when Devil May Cry 4 was about to come out, I was asked if I wanted to write the theme for the game and since I love Devil May Cry, I was like yeah, I’d definitely like to do that.

How did you go about writing the song?

yukihiro: Well, when I saw a clip, I realized that the world of Devil May Cry hasn’t really changed. At first I decided that I wanted it to have a gothic feel to it. I wanted a dance like rhythm and kind of a scary opening to the song. For the guitar, a riff that gets progressively stronger throughout the song. In the end, I came up with two demo songs.

ken: Then when hyde heard the two songs, he said right away “I like this part of this song and this part of the other song” haha Then the conversation kind of went “Ok… what should we do about that then?” “How about we just merge the songs together” “Nice! Which songs tempo should we use?”

hyde: So while I started to work on that, I was searching yukihiro’s face for any signs of anger. (laugh) I wondered, “Is he gonna be pissed off at me for tearing his songs up and meshing them together…” But what I thought at the time was “Since this chorus is really cool and I like this song’s A melody, wouldn’t it be awesome if they were both in the same song?”

tetsu: Then I thought the the chorus was just a bit weak so I wanted to give it some energy. hyde and I both wanted one more chorus for the A and B melodies. After I thought that some harmonics for the B melody and multiple vocals would be nice and we ended up changing the chorus in the second half of the song. haha. Finally, we gave the song a higher tone to match the limit of hyde’s singing voice.

Oricon: It seems that every member’s ideas somehow got reflected into the final product. How about the lyrics?

hyde: I thought it would be fun to give the feeling that all five of my senses were being exposed to fear, but then being able to suppress that and get myself ready to see what’s behind the next door. I really wanted the words to make that sensation believable. There’s the image of Dante, a taste of fear and in all that you feel a kind of eroticism. I wanted to write lyrics that captured all of that. Since I myself am a big fan of the series, I wanted the lyrics to work with the flowing sound of the song and be sure to make something I could be proud of. Also, I thought that by using strong words, it would be easier to get fired up while playing the game.

Oricon: I see. The other track on the single is the P’UNK EN CIEL song “Dune 2008” and ken, you did the arrangement right?

ken: I wanted to give it the sound of an “Iron Maiden” song. In a Maiden song I thought, you need to have harmonics with the guitar. This led me to think that I would use “Blurry Eyes” or “Dune.” After thinking it through, I didn’t think that “Blurry Eyes” had the right feel to it so I thought that maybe if I harmonized “Dune” I could get the sound I wanted and I tried it. Whether I actually got it to sound like a Maiden song or not… I’m not really sure. haha. …I thought maybe if I could somehow get the job done with the Wah pedal… (A guitar pedal that changes the sound frequency)

tetsu: haha. Sounds like Maiden to me…♦

6 04 2008

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