Poll #2 : Results

1 04 2008

Here is the result about the poll “How old are you ?”.

I’ve started this poll on March and you were 926 to participate on the poll:

Here is the result (till April 1st).

< 10 years old (5% / 46 votes)

10-15 years old (19% / 176 votes)

15-20 years old (44.1% / 408 votes)

20-25 years old (20% / 185 votes)

25-30 years old (5.5% / 51 votes)

30+ years old (6.4% / 59 votes)

So a lot of you are still teenager, 64% have between 15-25 years old.

Normal! it’s a blog oriented “Entertainment”. Music, TV, Video games, Computering are the main interest of our category. I don’t want to talk about politics, money, family, or these kind of stuff yet…for a lot of us there are no interest. Let’s enjoy our youth!

Talking about Computering it’s normal to see people around 25-30 years old, it required some “advanced” computer skills.

I’ll put a other poll to know more about your interest but now, I must know if you visit regularly this blog or you are just a 1st time visitor just to see one thing and leave….

You can also see my previous poll “You are a girl / a guy”.

We are in April and I’ve putted a new poll so please vote!




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