Yoshiki collapse during the Tokyo Dome Live

29 03 2008

Yoshiki collapse at the end of “Art of life” performance in Tokyo Dome.

This first live of three has started with 2-3hours late.

Yesterday during the X-Japan’s Night of Destruction concert (2008.03.28), Yoshiki collapsed during Art of Life. He seemed to be suddenly sapped of energy and fell onto his drum set. He was then escorted off the stage.

He was carried off stage and not long after, the announcement came on that the concert will be cancelled. The entire portion of the concert (excluding waiting time and periods where the emcee came on) was 80mins.


The last song
Rusty Nail
Silent Jalousy (with SUGIZO)
hide’s room
Say Anything
Without you
Art of Life

Here is the video:

Apparently it was a joke to make the live shorter…

To all fans who are concerned and worried about YOSHIKI, we saw him at the press session afterwards and he is fine, just very exhausted and overworked.

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15 responses

29 03 2008

please!!! how can say that???? how could yoou think it was a joke!!!!! besides why you have to put thoses pics and the video !! i dont think its right to do that its not right to publish someone`pain! -,-

30 03 2008

Well he works bloody hard. So he deserves a rest every now and again, even during a performance. ^_^
But to be honest that did look fake.

31 03 2008
T. Shelby

Well since only 8 songs were completed for the first concert before he collapsed and the next day he played a concert containing 13 songs and did a 20 minute stint on the drums, I think his collapse was real. I really don’t think that he would do that to the friday night fans who paid as much as the fans for sat and sun just for effect and to promote ticket sales because all performances were sold out weeks before the concerts. I think that Yoshiki is dedicated to his fans and would not worry them like that and deliberately cut the first concert short for the drama of it. He is better than that. His bandmates didnt react because he has partially collapsed at other concerts 10+ years ago and gone on to finish so they thought it was like old times. I would sell my first born to see X Japan play, hope they come to Los Angeles soon since they are going to france in July

1 04 2008
sheree tango

i hope he’s ok…

but he has been working hard lately

5 04 2008

Yoshiki is just gettin’ old.

7 04 2008

its their first full concert after 10 yrs. of course hes not gonna be fit like back then. dont criticize if ur not their real fans. this band is the best band in the world.

12 04 2008

Believe me, that was not fake.

That man works too much! I can’t imagine how he does it all.

I wish he could just take a break and relax.

16 04 2008

Well it does look pretty bad, but honestly why would he fake something like that on a Tokyo Dome concert? I mean it’s not cheap to rent that and it’s their comeback. I agree with most of the above. He’s worked out and exhausted. Planning and performing comeback shows, and new singles, and press conferences and everything else involed in a musicians life can e really stressful. It’s not like they only do that. They’ve got life and other commitments. And yes, he is getting old XD He’s not 20 anymore *grin* 😀 Well, I just hope he’s okay know. I’m so happy abou their comeback.

19 04 2008

He would never fake a thing like that! It’s real! He looked kind of exhausted and he just fainted, not that much of a deal really since he is ok, but he didn’t fake it. It’s hard to keep in shape when you’re getting older, but of course he still looks great 🙂 Really nice that they are coming to Paris, France too, I just have to see them, although I really wish they would come to Sweden and play, but don’t think they will so I’ll head of for Paris. 😀

*NOTE* I heard just to put hide (R.I.P.) as a hologram on stage cost just around $90 million.

27 11 2008

u can tell he was EXHAUSTED. i mean, all that drumming for approximately half an hour plus all the songs before, and the fact that he’s gettin old…

nevertheless, they were da bomb :))

…..and hide was there alright.

28 03 2009

whoever said he faked it is a FUCKING RETARD you obliviously don’t know what it takes to play that song TRY Drumming very complex rythyms for half an hour that song takes talent and alot of it and yoshiki obliviously has it So SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH

29 03 2009

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PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
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Your, Raiul Baztepo

8 04 2009

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11 05 2009

i think yoshiki is never care about his health. he always exceeded the limit as a human. yoshiki-sama, u r not a machine! try to learn how to love yourself! GOT IT?!

12 05 2010

Personally, I do not think this was faked.

First off, this was one of the songs that Yoshiki put his entire heart and soul into, and if anyone else knows what that is like, they know that it is entirely draining. Second off, remember that this was considered a “Hide memorial” concert, which included a hologram of him on stage, which could have increased the stress Yoshiki was feeling dramatically. Third, he was finished with the drums at that point, and about to enter the most emotional part of the song, the piano solo.

Despite how this may have look contrived, imagine the mental duress that must have been endured at this point in the concert, enough to make a man like Yoshiki collapse.

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