YUI 3rd Album – I loved Yesterday Info

10 03 2008

(Normal Edition / Limited Edition)

The rumor said true, YUI’s long-awaited 3rd Album “I Love Yesterday” has been confirmed!! 13 tracks including 9 exclusive!

I Loved Yesterday/ YUI
Lyrics/Music by YUI
SRCL 6766~7: 3,750 yen (including tax)
SRCL 6738: 3,059 yen (including tax)

Out on 2008/04/09(Wed)

For the limited edition,
The Music Videos of Good-bye days, I remember you, Rolling star, CHE.R.RY, as well as the Special Live Video of her first Budokan Concert (19 Nov 2007) will be included.

Regarding the details of the other songs (in the CD), it will be announced in time to come!

Please look forward to YUI’s greatest 3rd Album!

And from 5th May (Monday) onwards, her 3rd tour which starts in Fukuoka, has been officially named:

[YUI 3rd Tour “oui”~I LOVED YESTERDAY~]

25 lives in total starting from May to August.

Tickets Price: 5250yen (~33€ / ~$47)


Please bring along your album for the tour!

Credits to depyon.

Tracklist CD:

01. Laugh away
02. My Generation
03. Find me
04. No way
05. Namidairo
06. Daydreamer
07. Love is all
08. I will love you
09. We will go
11. My friend
13. Am I wrong ?

Tracklist DVD:

01. Good-bye days
02. I remember you
03. Rolling star
04. CHE.R.RY
05. Special Live Video of her first Budokan Concert (19 Nov 2007)

(YUI – I loved Yesterday Album Regular Edition)



(YUI – I loved Yesterday Album Limited Edition)



Official Website


Please support your favorite singer(s) and me in the same time by purchasing their Cds. Thanks!





7 responses

11 03 2008

WOW, awesome! xDDDD~~ So she gave her fans a hint in her PV~

16 03 2008

Nowadays, she just love that boots very much….

20 03 2008

does anyone know if this album is going to be available in Malaysia??

11 04 2008

I love this album, i love it, i went to the tokyo show on her last tour and cant wait for the next. I live in the UK but she is so worth the journey x

6 08 2008

I love yesterdayyyyy, tooo..!!! First time I heard “My Friend”, I was thinkin’ “It’s really great song I ever heard, and yui has kawaiiiiiiii voice, like a little angel”

30 08 2008

Yui’s awesome!

28 03 2009

wow…..i heard Yui`s songs in the Bleach. It`s really outrageous! I like her voice, she is amazing))))

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