YUI – Laugh Away PV & 3rd Album Title Rumors

7 03 2008

YUI’s New PV featuring her upcoming album!

The Full version is broad by YahooMusic.jp. I hope It will be aired soon on SSTV or M-ON.

Finally we have a PV with a smily YUI since “CHE.R.RY”!

Finish the sadness, “waratte, itsumo waratte”!

The Bassist, the Guitarist and the Drummer (It’s a girl) are the same as in “My Generation” and “Rolling Star“.

I’m just wondering: What’s this trend with Headphones ?!

Hikki wore one in “Heart Station“, Aqua Timez in “Hontowane“, Long Shot Party in “Distance” or also L’Arc~en~Ciel with “Kiss” Cover…

The guy in the PV is Kento Hayashi (YUI’s boyfriend, NO WAY!). I don’t know who he is…a singer I guess.

A rumor about the title of her 3rd album came with the PV.

user posted image

In this screenshot you can read “I Loved Yesterday“, we can supposed this title will be use for her 3rd album. Again it’s still a rumor…

Can’t wait for her 3rd Album!

I should have more info about her 3rd album soon. Stay tuned!

Last thing, remember that YUI won the Yahoo Music Awards 2007, now you can support her again for MTV Video Music Awards:


She is in “Best Pop Video” category. Hikki and L’Arc are also in the contest in their respective category.





14 responses

7 03 2008

Nice PV and nice song..

YUI is prettier in this PV..

7 03 2008

Woohoo, loved the PV!

But just so you know, the person with glasses is not YUI. That’s the guitarist :). Gah, I would love to know all of the band members’ names, have they ever been revealed before?

7 03 2008

You’re right, my bad! It was my 1st impression but she is in the back. I don’t know either names of YUI’s band…

7 03 2008
Mr. X

Boyfriend? I’m crushed!

7 03 2008

o_______O Wow, she has a boyfriend?

“I loved yesterday” sounds like a song title to me. D:

Thanks for sharing!

7 03 2008

I’m just guessing! In fact I don’t know,
Reassured? ^^

9 03 2008

“I Loved Yesterday”..
Still wonderin’ about the title..

10 03 2008

I Loved Yesterday – its her next album title…

11 03 2008

YUI’s also in best video from a film category

25 04 2008

Btw, who is the girl in 2:24 at Yui’s laugh away PV? It’s not Yui ya?

25 04 2008

2:24? of course it’s YUI, do we have the same PV?

25 04 2008

It’s not Yui i thought. The girl that was highlighted by the boy. Different hairstyle and eyes ~_~

25 04 2008

Oh! that girl?! you’re right she’s definitely not YUI!

26 12 2008
Aung Myint Myat

I am very crazy in YUI.

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