OLIVIA – Bleeding Heart Preview

7 03 2008

OLIVIA new song is available to listening!

The mini-album was canceled but Olivia still working on new songs here is the proof with this song titled “Bleeding Heart“. The track is included in the Compilation album from the Vision Factor regrouping various artists.


It’s shorter than short…we hope quickly a longer one.


01. hiro サクラ
02. 三浦大知 Special Story
03. FUNGO 365日の花言葉
04. コモリタミノル 愛のダリア
05. 高橋メアリージュン White Velvet
06. 太田基裕・佐藤雷寿太 ヒヤシンス
07. 大田クルー 松雪草~スノードロップ~
08. OLIVIA Bleeding Heart
09. 樋井明日香 睡蓮
10. 知念里奈 with Vanilla Mood 向日葵
11. Lead Dear My Flower

Catalog No.: AVCD-16150
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Release Date: 2008/03/19
Price: 2667yen (2800yen Tax incl.)
[EUR 16.65]
Item weight: 120 g

(Vision Factory Compilation “Flower” Album)


Official Website


Please support your favorite singer(s) and me in the same time by buying their Cds. Thanks!





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