YUI – Namidairo Single

27 02 2008

YUI’s first 2008 single has arrived. The female singer-songwriter’s latest single Namidairo is the theme song for the TV Asahi co-production drama Yon Shimai Senteidan (“Four Sister Detective Group”). Also included on this release are I wanna be… and the acoustic version of Yui’s earlier Oricon No. 1 theme song LOVE&TRUTH for the movie Closed Note.


#03 at Oricon Top Single Charts



Catalog No.: SRCL-6736
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 2
Release Date: 2008/02/27
Price: 1500yen (1575yen Tax incl.)
[US$ 13.87]
Item weight: 200 g

(YUI – Namidairo Single Limited Edition)


(YUI – Namidairo Single Regular Edition)


Official Website


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7 responses

27 02 2008

new YUI single! been a little while since the last one; she sounds great!

27 02 2008

Yay, thank you for uploading!

29 02 2008
3 04 2008


YUI’s 1st single for 2008, “Namidairo” is the theme song for a new Asahi TV drama “ 4 Shimai Tantei Dan” An impressive number created through combining an acoustic guitar sound with strings.

A song about the heart’s suppressed feelings

[Oricon] It’s only been about 5 months since “Love & Truth”, right?

[YUI] Yeah, after the live performance last year at the Budokan, I started to seriously write music. I had written the chorus at the time I debuted. Then I finished the song by writing the A and B melody lines as well as the lyrics. Even though I wrote this a few years ago, I still remembered this particular chorus line.

[Oricon] On that note, do the chorus line and other unfinished parts on your demo tape have temporary titles on it?

[YUI] I did… Through not on this song, but I labeled things like “inner power”. (laughs). “inner power” was like trendy at the time. But later when I look back, I’m like “what’s this??”. I forgot what that file is. The temporary name for “Namidairo” (color of tears) was “getsume” (moon light)! With that image in mind, it became a song that has a dark to mood. I thought using strings and acoustic guitar together would bring out the mood of the mysterious tale.

[Oricon] In the lyrics, I noticed the phrase “daijoubu” is heard throughout the song.

[YUI] I think it’s almost like a daily happening where I say it’s okay when it’s really not okay. I wonder if everyone else also felt the same. Maybe we’re becoming more docile.

[Oricon] What was on your mind when you came up with “Namidairo” as a title?

[YUI] I wondered if it was possible to have feelings the color of tears. More than the tears shed, our hearts have become fragile as the color of tears.

[Oricon] Your second song, “I wanna be” is unexpectedly a rock song.

[YUI] I wanted to continue with the gentle feelings when I wrote the lyrics. Over the new year when I was looking at the schedule for 2008, I became a little anxious. Then I started to focus on playing guitar and writing songs instead. The lyrics reflect that moment in time when I felt down.

[Oricon] You recorded an acoustic version of “Love & Truth” as your third song.

[YUI] Since I started from the streets, I felt I wanted to deliver an acoustic version of myself. I was able to clearly bring out the chords and melody lines.

6 04 2008

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12 04 2008

I luv all YUI’s songs.

1 09 2008

i love YUI !! YUI ROCKSSSSSS~~ keep on rockin ^^ I’m your biggest fan from Indonesia.. pretty far away from Japan.. lols.. ganbatte ne YUI – san ~

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