ZONE – Final in Nihon Budokan – Kokoro wo Komete Arigatou DVD

26 11 2007

ZONE’s final goodbye!

Sad but true, the charming 4 member J-pop band offered its final united appearance with their 1 April 2005 gig at the Budokan in Tokyo. However, now all their fans can replay their spectacular FINAL in Nihon Budokan tour as many times as they like by turning on this precious collector’s DVD. Featuring such favorites as GOOD DAYS , and KISS of the sun as well as their final single hit Smiling Faces & Harmonic Days among other memorable songs, this electrifying release packs all of Zone’s most beloved hits. Also containing the band’s final performance in a TV music program secret base ? the thing you gave me, the FINAL in Nihon Budokan DVD is a video event no true fan can afford to miss!

Extract -Glory Colors

Tracklist :

1. Opening
3. 大爆発 NO.1
4. secret base~君がくれたもの~
5. 白い花
6. 一雫
7. 僕の手紙
8. 夢ノカケラ・・・
9. GO!
10. Sae Zuri
12. 風のはじまる場所
13. Behind the STAGE ~バックステージ・ドキュメント~
14. For Tomorrow
15. true blue
16. 太陽のKiss
17. H・A・N・A・B・I ~君がいた夏~
19. 空想と現実の夜明け
20. さらりーまん
21. 笑顔日和
22. 一緒にいたかった
23. [Encore1] Once Again
24. [Encore1] glory colors ~風のトビラ~
25. [Encore2] 卒業
26. [Encore1] secret base ~君がくれたもの~
27. ending

Catalog No.: SRBL-1269
Format: DVD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Release Date: 2005/06/22
Price: 4800yen (US$ 43.75/ 5040yen Tax incl.)
Item weight: 130 g

(ZONE – Final in Nihon Budokan – Kokoro wo Komete Arigatou Regular Edition)

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14 01 2009

omg >.< i really want this dvd!!!!!!!!!!

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