Otsuka Ai – Chu-lip Single

16 10 2007

Ai’s 14th single has arrived.

Not too long ago, fans were humming to the sound of “Lover’s Photo Album”, Otsuka Ai’s contribution to the movie Heavenly Forest. Presenting her latest single CHU – LIP, which is featured as a theme song in the TBS drama series Kirakira Usako starring Konishi Manami, Otsuka’s sound comes alive again in 2007.

This version comes with a DVD featuring the MV of CHU – LIP.


2007年第1弾、通算14枚目の今作は、大塚愛の遊び心満載のミディアム・ナンバー! TBS系ドラマ『きらきら研修医』(主演: 小西真奈美)主題歌に決定!!

#01 at Oricon Top Single Charts


1.     CHU-LIP
2.     キミにカエル。
3.     CHU-LIP(Instrumental)
4.     キミにカエル。(Instrumental)

Catalog No.: AVCD-31178
Label/Distributor: avex trax
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Release Date: 2007/02/21
Price: 1000yen (1050yen Tax incl.)
[US$ 9.90]
Item weight: 120 g

(Otsuka Ai – Chu-lip Single Regular Edition)

(Otsuka Ai – Chu-lip Single Limited Edition)

Official Website

Please support your favorite singer(s) and me in the same time by purchasing their DVDs. Thanks!

Source: Avex





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